Fourth Album Update: 6 songs in the bag

Update: As of October 16, 2012, THROW have put together six new songs for the fourth album. We intend to include two covers and we will be coming up with at least 6 more songs in the next couple of weeks for a total of around 14 songs. It’s already October. We need to record the album next month already so we need to work double time.


Preview: STAND (demo)

Here’s a cut that will appear in the fourth album. This is just a demo recording and we will be re-tracking the song later on when we start production work for the album. This was written by Dennis, with a little help from me. The song is called Stand.

Baliuag gig on Sept. 29

THROW will have a gig on the 29th of September at the St. Augustine Compound, Baliuag, Bulacan. It’s been a while since we’ve last played in Baliuag. I think the last time was when Ojie was still playing the drums for us a few years back. Anyway, the gig is called Malayang Ingay sa Kanayunan and we will be playing with The Go Signals, Against Man, Jun Idiot and the Imbeciles, and a host of other bands. See you there!


THROW’s fourth album

is currently deep into the writing of songs for the fourth album which is tentatively scheduled to come out before the year ends. The actual recording is scheduled in October, and mixing and pro-pressing will be done in November. Hopefully this pushes through as planned.

By the way, welcome to the band’s new blog! We’ll post updates and other things here, as the companion blog of the band’s website.



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